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It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since I packed up and left Michigan! Before I left though, I created a very spur-of-the-moment list of things I wanted to do either for the first time or again. I accomplished more than I actually thought I would, which isn’t saying much since I did only a few things.

But I’m posting my list because if you had a full 24 or 48 hours in the city, you can do a lot on here! (I also really wanted to make a trip to East Lansing, but didn’t have the time. For EL, I had on my list: the Peanut Barrel, Michigan State basketball game and the Dairy Store.)

  • Detroit Institute of Art Going in the morning and feeling like I had the museum to myself was eerie yet awesome.
  • Charles Wright Museum
  • Arab American museum
  • Cider mill So this isn’t Detroit, but it’s a quintessential Michigan fall activity. Made it out to Yates Cider Mill with my friend Maggie, who was in town from California for a wedding! Santa before he becomes Santa during the holiday season photobombed us.
  • RenCen elevator
  • Buddy’s Pizza, the original location I went twice in one week. No regrets.
  • Taqueria Mi Pueblo
  • Ride the People Mover
  • Eastern Market
  • Sarap, my friend Dorothy’s Filipino-food pop-up
  • Trivia at Atwater Brewery Our team came in a respectable third place! Our friend Aaron is the host on Monday nights.
  • Joe Bar
  • Craft or microbrewery Ended up going to River Rouge in Royal Oak, which has flights (best way to try beer) and, along with Joe Bar, was part of an awesome farewell day/night with my friends Tom and Colleen. The weather was unseasonably warm in late October, and we took advantage by sitting out on the patio.
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